JEREMY HANKE | Owner, Lead Instructor, Riding Skills Instructor


QUALIFICATIONS: OFA3, AO2, WFA1, Professional Member of Canadian and American Avalanche Associations, AIRIE Lead Instructor

Jeremy is an accomplished professional athlete and has been riding in North American backcountry for over 20 years. He is a Class 3 Avalanche Survivor and passionate about the advancement of avalanche safety practices. Along with Soul Rides Jeremy co-owns and operates Straight Up Rides He is the Executive Director of SKADI Foundation dedicated to the advancement of best practices in motorized mountain survival. View Jeremy's professional profile at

CHAD DEZALL | Lead Instructor


QUALIFICATIONS: AO1, Active Member of Canadian Avalanche Association

Chad has over 10 years experience in mountain backcountry sledding, snowboarding and snow biking. Chad sits on the Board of Directors of SKADI Foundation dedicated to the advancement of best practices in motorized mountain survival. Chad is also co-owner and operator of Straight Up Rides

BRANDON WIESENER |  Secondary Instructor



Brandon is a professional snowmobiler.

ROB ALFORD | Riding Skills Instructor, Photographer


Rob is an accomplished professional athlete and professional photographer. Rob has over 20 years experience in backcountry winter sports and is a pioneer in free-ride snowmobiling. Rob owns Mt. Mackenzie Lodge in Revelstoke, BC.

CODY BORCHERS | Riding Skills Instructor



Cody is a professional snowmobiler and X-Games Aspen competitor.

BRODIE EVANS | Riding Skills Instructor



Brodie is a professional snowmobiler.

TY RIDDELL | Secondary Instructor



Tyler has been playing in the mountains for over 20 years and is an experienced snowmobiler and snowboarder.

KELSEY ELLIOTT |  Secondary Instructor, Booking Agent




ROB SIM | Secondary Instructor, Photographer



Rob has over 10 years snowboarding experience in the backcountry in various meccas including: Himalayas Andes, Japanese Alps and New Zealand Alps. Rob is a professional photographer and the owner operator of The Effen Search

ELIISA MEAGHAN | Photographer




Stephane is an accomplished mountain man with experience that ranges from the lower 48 to Alaska. Stephane has been producing and shooting winter action sport movies for over 10 years. He oversees all stages of film development including: story development, script writing, casting, shooting, editing and screening. He has worked with Warren Miller, MTV, HBO, Outside Television, TSN and many more. Stephane owns Tough Guy Productions

JEFF SCOTT | Co-founder, Consultant, Video Editor


Jeff assisted with the development of Soul Rides and snow science research projects. After a snowboarding accident in 2010 left him quadriplegic Jeff continues to be a vital force in the winter sport community. Jeff established Live It! Love It! Foundation which facilitates adventure and outdoor recreation opportunities for persons with disabilities. Jeff is also the President of SKADI Foundation dedicated to the advancement of motorized mountain survival. Jeff continues to work with Soul Rides as a Consultant and Video Editor.